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We offer a large line of quality feeder rodents and insects. ranging pinkie mice to frozen rabbits or pinhead crickets to hissing roaches, we have all types of feeders to cover your hungry reptile’s needs!

Feeder Rodents

Here is our current price list. All rodent are available live or frozen unless otherwise noted.
Pinky MicePricing at Store
Fuzzy MicePricing at Store
Hopper MicePricing at Store
Weaned MicePricing at Store
Jumbo MicePricing at Store
Rat PinkiesPricing at Store
Rat FuzziesPricing at Store
Rat HoppersPricing at Store
Small RatsPricing at Store
Medium RatsPricing at Store
Large RatsPricing at Store
Extra Large RatsPricing at Store
Jumbo RatsPricing at Store
Giant ratsPricing at Store
Rabbits (Frozen Only)Pricing at Store

Feeder Insects

We have many types of feeders to cover your hungry critter's needs
Crickets: 1-9 DozenPricing at Store
Crickets: 10 – 19 DozenPricing at Store
Crickets: over 20 DozenPricing at Store
SuperwormsPricing at Store
MealwormsPricing at Store
WaxwormsPricing at Store
Night CrawlersPricing at Store
CalciwormsPricing at Store
Dubia RoachesPricing at Store